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"We founded nordesign in order to create long-sought alternatives to conventional commercial products for everyday products in the kitchen sector. At nordesign, loving design meets carefully selected materials. This essence brings the utmost meaning to even the smallest detail. The idea for nordesign was born in an AIR BnB. There was no classic dishwashing liquid in the kitchen. Instead, we discovered a bottle with a spray head. When washing dishes, it was immediately noticeable that the dishes could be cleaned quickly and practically. Surfaces could also be cleaned easily and in a resource-saving manner with the clever spray attachment. Fascinated by the idea, the mission arose to rethink everyday household products. Today, dish and hand soap in refillable glass bottles as well as washable and compostable natural sponges become decorative and high-quality details in our home thanks to their minimalist design. In the age of the dishwasher, there is no longer any need for high-dose concentrates in dishes full to the brim and colorful sponges made of plastic. Nordesign offers the solution for standard kitchen products that are neither sustainable nor aesthetic and are a case for the kitchen drawer. Change starts with small steps, every day."

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"Founded in Hamburg in 2013 as a small family business, Eulenschnitt owes its current success to the love of beautiful things and above all to its large fan base, which shares this passion. Today, the company is also represented in Austria and Switzerland and is growing steadily. The founder Lena attaches great importance to designing her products herself and taking her family and friends with her in their development - the children Ella & Eden are also happy to help when things get creative. Our philosophy of confetti for the soul is reflected in the love that is in every particular article. We want to provide our customers with useful and beautiful products that offer a long service life and an alternative to disposable items. All materials such as jute, linen and wood characterize the brand's image."

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